Well, let's start with a 'dumb' for begin.
The idea is that a RGB LED simulate the effect  'Rainbow' as some by themselves (RGB LED vary automatically its color, passing by the colors of the rainbow).
In my case I´m going to use a RGB LED Dealextreme. This 5 Watt-led produces a large amount of light and it is very robust.
As the arduino can not give a very large current for its output, i´ll use a ULN2003 driver to not load too.

This is the assembly:

RGB Led with Arduino

Hi all
Start with this blog to share my experiences in electronics, and all the possible information you can provide.
The idea is to post on all my experiences with Arduino developments.
Until now I worked more with PICS, but I discovered the world of Arduino and I have to say that I liked it.
For those who do not know, is an open platform for which you can find plenty of material, both hardware and software.
By the way I'm also fond of buying Dealextreme, and lately has countless gadgets for our developments, and I will be showing.
Gradually things I will be showing on this platform: links, libraries, and all you can.
But hey, less roll and let the subject .....


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