Candle with remote control and Arduino Pro Mini

Here I present another project based on a addressable LEDs strip, based on WS2812b leds.

It consists of an 'electronic' candle, which lets you select set colors, adjust the intensity, and have different effects like rainbow, fade and fire. The project arose from the purchase of an IKEA lantern model BORBY ... the idea was to replace a candle of considerable size, for something more ... modern.

Kaleidoscope with Arduino and RGB LED strips

I present a new Arduino project: a Kaleidoscope (or something similar), with a list of the simplest materials.
You can see the result in the video. It can be used as decoration in a living room or as decoration for the baby's crib. The baby will be surprised ... Very relaxing if it accompanied  with Chill out music .
Thanks to the advent of addressable LED strips,  is extremely simple (and cheap) to create projects with multiple RGB LEDs.
These strips contain small RGB leds. Each led is accompanied by a WS2812 circuit capable of controlling an RGB LED with 256 levels for each color.
In the previous post (Christmas Tree shield for Arduino) I talk about the benefits of these chips
The strips have three connections +5 V, GND and data input (DI). Be careful because in the strips is indicated the data flow, the data must enter through DI and exit through DO (on the opposite side). To connect a strip piece with another, connect the DO of the first with the second DI.
The strips can be cut with simple scissors through the mark


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