Those who have a few years as I, recall that back in the 1980s, in any disco or party was mandatory the psychedelics lights, i.e. those lights ranging to the rhythm of the music. It could be a single light or more, normally 3 that varied with bass, middle and treble of the music.
It could be achieved already made (very expensive for the time), on Kit (the mythical SalesKit) either make you them yourself.

Well because I was a fan of lights (and parties) and I built a couple of them, the first for more than 30 years (Yes, Yes,...) in a great box made of plywood, but Unfortunately a few months ago ended in the trash ..

The second of some 30 years ago... still alive and kicking...

Psychedelic light organ Elektor 1982

Taken from the wonderful magazine Elektor March 1982

Elektor Magazine March 1982

Well after this story chive Grandpa, let's see how to emulate those mythical lights with our beloved Arduino.
The idea is to use a sound source, in my case a microphone, bring it into line with the level of the entries of the Arduino, apply a FFT process to separate the different frequencies, grouping these into three channels (bass, mid and treble), and depending on which exceed a certain level, activate the outputs of the Arduino.
These outputs can attack some leds initially, but to make it more authentic then use a triac output stage with some bulbs

Are you interested? read in the next post ...       Arduino light organ (II) - The circuit 

The video to whet your mouth ......

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